Good Things

Bring It On

I got some spam email this week that advertised ways to help me look better naked in 6 weeks – once I quit laughing at that crock of shit, I was actually almost offended. Who the hell were they to comment on how I look naked??!! I happen to think that I look like a smoke show in my birthday suit, and anyone lucky enough to get to see me au natural had best agree or duck on their way out the door lest I hit them straight in the head with the sharp items I will be throwing. This kind of media message is such bullshit, and it needs to stop. Here’s an image that I LOVE:


BOOM. That’ll do it. All of this hating has got to end, don’t you think?

Recently, I was at my mother’s house with my daughter – and my mother griped constantly about her double chin/waddle area, and her wrinkles. I was giving her some stink eye to try to get her to stop – no dice, she just kept nattering, thinking the rest of the world needed to hear her special brand of bullshit. I don’t care for talk like this in front of my daughter, especially at the age that she is now. She is highly impressionable, and she should be more concerned with building her mind and being healthy than wrinkles and crap like that. It’s ridiculous. I loudly declared that I loved my double chin and my wrinkles, as they are proof positive of a life well-lived…and what more could I ask for? This is a message that needs to be shared with our small ones – navigating life in a culture and society where the Kardashians (and all that they stand for) are a thing is difficult enough, we need not add any more fuel to the fire. How about this pearl of wisdom:


How true is that? Time is going to pass, and there’s not a lot of point in fighting it tooth and nail – I really believe there is something beautiful about aging gracefully. I love the way that French women approach aging (click here to read a great article on how the French have mastered the whole aging thing), and I wish the rest of the world would get on board.

Until we do, you will find me celebrating my wrinkles, and marveling at my birthday suit – even if the wrinkles on it could use some ironing. 😉 xxx