Since Inauguration Day, I’ve made a concerted effort to avoid any and all news about President Biden’s predecessor – that horrible human took up enough real estate in my brain for four years….I can’t be bothered to think about him anymore. It’s my fervent hope that the media will stop talking about him, Twitter will keep him banned, and his VERY LONG 15 minutes will be over. I did, however, check out a wee bit of the impeachment hearing currently going on – simply because I wanted to hear Representative Stacey Plaskett do her thing…and let me tell you, friends, she didn’t disappoint.

If you want to catch some video of her in action, check this out. She was flawless, and the work she did is to be commended. The irony of her choice of attire is not lost on me – when you are coming to fight crime and shitty criminals, a cape is ALWAYS a good idea:

What a role model for young girls, including mine that aspires to be an attorney – we need way more of this. Powerful women taking care of business – I LOVE it. ♥️✨🌟🍀💕