Good Things


While perusing the gospel of Twitter this evening, I came across this post from Canadian media personality (and man I love) George Stroumboulopoulos:

The comments underneath are absolutely friggin’ DELIGHTFUL, and the crew that has posted have given me a track listing for the soundtrack of my day for tomorrow. Woohoo! Some of the gems that were mentioned include ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen (cousin-by-marriage, coincidentally – fun fact!), ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ by Bette Midler (posted by a big dude that looks like he eats metal for lunch), and way toooo many votes for ‘MmmmBop’ (which is a banger of a song, it has to be said). What would you pick for your off-brand guilty pleasure?

Me too, Dave….me too.

Since I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, I will totes own the shit songs that I love – I’m looking at you, Nickelback ‘Rockstar’, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ (One Direction), and Celine Dion’s ‘That’s the Way It Is’ (somewhere in this world there exists video of me singing this at a karaoke night – that’s the reason I haven’t made much of an effort to become famous: I don’t want the video to see the light of day)…three tunes that I cannot help but sing along to – such perfect tunes. ARGH!

What are yours, friends? I can’t wait to hear!! 🎶


PS: Here you go:

Good Things


One of my very favorite TV shows of recent memory – and likely to end up on my personal GOAT list is AppleTV’s Ted Lasso. If you haven’t seen it yet, I promise that it’s worth your effort- it’s beautiful. Funny, smart, touching, real….it has everything you need to have your faith in humanity restored.

Here’s the trailer for the show:

This little look doesn’t do it justice, though…the character of Ted, played BRILLIANTLY by Jason Sudeikis, has such tremendous heart….his kindness is a perfect example of what we all need more of. Kindness. Decency. Compassion. BELIEF. Ahhh…..I love this show – time to watch it through again. ♥️



The Marsh Family Strikes Again!

Two of my favorite quarantine pastimes in one great video – the Marsh family AND sea shanties! Woohoo! Behold:

Those angelic-voiced children get me every time! ♥️ If you need me, I’ll be over here dancing a sprightly jig around the living room, much to the dismay of my dogs. 💃


PS: This one is to raise money for charity – even better! 🎶


To Make You Feel My Love

You know what this world needs? More love. The kind of love where your picture is on their phone as both their wallpaper AND their screensaver. REAL love. Some of us express it well – others, not so much. Psychology Today offers this suggested list for those people: 10 Ways to Express Love

Keep love alive from wedding day to every day with spouse, family, and friends. Love is a choice as much as it is a feeling or a decision. Those who give love receive love. Recently we have seen research talking about conflict resolution and conflict recovery in terms of lasting romantic relationships. Each of the studies had me rethinking the work of Elizabeth Schoenfeld, a researcher at the University of Texas, Austin, who revealed that men and woman show love through affection – but that each takes a different tact.Wives did so “by enacting fewer negative or antagonistic behaviors, husbands showed love by initiating sex, sharing leisure activities, and doing household work together with their wives.” Love Knows No Gender Difference – Health Information – Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Ten Ways to Express Love

Here are 10 ways to express love to your special someone, your friends, family, children. By expressing love we bring ourselves joy knowing that love is not just a Valentine moment, but an ongoing, free flowing experience that enriches our lives.

Express gratitude. Tell someone how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

Send flowers for no reason other than to say “Thank you for being you.”

Set aside time to give the gift of listening. Make a date if you must, in your own home or at a quiet little neighborhood place, for coffee or a drink and just listen to each other’s thoughts.

Keep anger at bay. During stressful times think of this image. If an ember flies from a fireplace onto your rug, it will burn a hole. Flick it off immediately and the rug is safe.

Be thoughtfully generous with gifts. Remember what is special about a person in your life and buy gifts that are unique to them. I had to forgo a trip to Paris because it conflicted with a business meeting in San Diego. My sister purchased a designer umbrella picturing the Seine, the Pont Neuf, and the Eiffel Tower as a reminder that there will always be another time for Paris.

Order fortune cookies with love sayings or Italian Baci candies with love notes and keep a glass jar in your home filled with them. You might also intersperse with gratitude sayings.

Offer an act of kindness. Say to your love or someone you care about, “What can I do for you today that will make your life easier and less stressful?” Then do it.

Write a note and send it via the U.S. Mail. Here’s a simple start: “I am so grateful that you are in my life. I love you for a million reasons.

Make time to be together for events that bring you both pleasure.

Be forgiving. We all have quirks. When one surfaces that makes you want to scream, either gently say something or switch to the positive-quality channel.

In the book, “Around the Year with Emmet Fox: A Book of Daily Readings,” Fox challenges us to make this commitment by saying: “I have chosen the path of Love. My own heart is to be my workshop, my laboratory, my great enterprise, and love is to be my contribution to humanity.”


All of these are good ideas, most of them not exactly earth shattering…but I am pretty crazy about the idea of the “positive-quality channel” – I kind of love that, don’t you? It’s so easy (way too easy) to get sucked into the negativity drain that seems to be everywhere around us, instead of focusing on the things that are going right. This is something that I have been working so hard on – I don’t know if I’m making progress or not, but I am trying. I really took it to heart when I heard this gem: is it better to be right or to be happy? I’ve always HAD to be right (because I usually am 😜)…being right mattered so much. I wanted to be the smart one who does everything right – and I’ve no idea why I ever cared. Being right fills me with indignant satisfaction, which can feel nice in the moment – but happy makes me fuzzy and lasts a much longer time. I like happy.

Wherever you go today, I hope that you are loving someone…and that they are loving you. Out loud. With a picture of you on their phone and everything. 🙂



Drunken Sailor

Growing up in Canada, the daughter of a Scotsman, I found myself endlessly attracted to sea shanties, calling them the ‘music of my people’. When maritime Canada group Great Big Sea hit it big, I was overjoyed and couldn’t stop my arse from jigging every time I heard their tunes….I still can’t. Imagine my delight when TikTok (of all places) decided to make sea shanties the hottest thing – who knew? Check these out:

Why are sea shanties big right now? Besides the fact that they are beyond awesome, they’re helping folks to feel connected: ‘Behind this phenomenon, though, is the need to connect with each other in difficult times. For many, the pandemic has exposed a curious relationship with our past, and a significant disconnect with generations-old skills and knowledge around survival, the ability to make and to make do.’ Isn’t that great?

I don’t have TikTok (I’m not that cool), but I have a friend that sends me videos by a Scottish singer @natidreddd…I am CRAZY for her:

She could sing the phone book and I would think it was the greatest thing I had ever heard. LOVE her!

Where are you on the whole sea shanty thing? Send me your favorites – we can jig together! ✨



That Kinda Girl

With all of the excitement here in Texas this week, I didn’t get to chat with you about Random Acts of Kindness day, which was Wednesday. Yes, this is a real thing – and, if I had my way, we would celebrate this every single day (I’m wearing a t-shirt today that says “It’s a Be Kind Kinda Day”, so what do you expect?!?)…there’s no time like now to embrace this philosophy and approach, for realz. People these days move too quickly, losing focus on the people around them. The days of doing for your neighbor are sadly gone in most places…and it breaks my heart. I’m from a small town where most everyone would give you the shirt off their back, and I’ve come to expect that kind of treatment everywhere – and it doesn’t exist so much anymore. That’s why, when I do see it in action these days, it’s pretty friggin’ special. ♥️

This week, Texan Beto O’Rourke ran a phone bank of volunteers, working alongside them to call elderly Texans to check on them during the unprecedented power outages – and helping people access resources, supplies, and help. Let me remind you that Beto didn’t win the Texas senate race he ran a few years back because idiots in this state voted for walking piece of shit Ted Cruz. Speaking of him, guess how he’s helped out with the hardships in the state? He flew to Cancun. Thanks a lot. Jesus.

I normally try to stay away from being overly political on here because I want to focus on good things, and frankly there’s not much to focus on that’s particularly good within the world of government…but this situation seems to have pushed me over the edge this week. I’ve been colder than I’ve ever been – and I’m from Canada. WTF. Someone tried to defend Ted Cruz to me today by asking what he himself could do to help – and holy shit did I have an answer: he could be advocating on behalf of the residents of his state, he could be accessing resources and sharing those out where they’re needed. He could be volunteering his time to help others. He could be doing just about anything – he didn’t have to fly to Cancun. He disgusts me….and the voters had damn well remember this bullshit when he’s up for his next reelection.

I’ve often heard that you’re supposed to dress for the job you want to have – and, if that’s the case, Beto must be planning to run for saint sometime soon. He’s a private citizen who repeatedly steps up to the plate to help the people of Texas. What a man. We should be so lucky that he would want to run and represent us once again. ♥️

This was me this week.

Anyone in the San Antonio area needing warmth, a hot shower, some food – hit me up. We have those things going on right now – and we are happy to share. Let me know if you need help – I’m here for you. ♥️



Update: Snow-pocalypse 2021

Welcome to hell…and hell has frozen over. As I mentioned on Monday, we got a bunch of snow here in South Texas – it was pretty on Monday, we had fun playing outside…it was okay. Until the power went off and didn’t come back on. Things got rough overnight into Tuesday, and yesterday morning was the worst. We managed to get out, went for a drive to warm up and charge devices. Thank goodness.

We started getting bits of power late yesterday – an hour on, then many hours off…not much of a pattern, but we’ve got a routine of what we do when the power comes on. It’s amazing how quickly we as humans can adapt to shitty conditions – thank goodness for resilience….we are going to need it.

One major takeaway from this week is just how little we need to be happy – apart from basic necessities, we don’t need much. I’ve not turned on a computer in days (and I don’t miss it), I’ve spent lots of time reading, cuddling pups, and layering clothes. Pretty simple life I’m living these days! I haven’t bothered with fussing over my hair or makeup, because there’s no point – I just want to stay warm, be comfortable, and keep the family safe. Priorities, my friends….priorities. ♥️

Anyway, we will hopefully return to our regularly scheduled posts and programming soon – but until then, think warm thoughts our way, and hug those you love tightly. ♥️



Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

I live in South Texas, and we have been HAMMERED by a winter storm. We got 4-6” of snow, which is bugger all for a northerner like me, but has brought this fair berg to a screeching halt. The bigger issue has been the power outages – we get about five minutes an hour of power, and it’s bloody cold in here. This is expected to continue until Tuesday or Wednesday, so it’s going to be a long week.

One nice thing about this shituation? Time to read! I’m rereading a favorite – I Am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes – and if you like thrillers, this is a great one. I think this is my third read of it in about a year, and I rarely reread books. If you decide to check it out, let me know what you think in the comments!

I’ve been unable to work as I’ve got no internet most of the time, and my work cell phone is struggling to find service. It’s nice knowing that I’ve got a day off without it counting against me, as there’s not a damn thing I can do about the situation. If only we had heat this would really be a great day. 😀

As much as I love technology, and I do – I also enjoy the absence of it from time to time. I feel like we are so accustomed to having the world at our fingertips that we’ve forgotten some of the simpler joys in life: reading in the middle of the day under a blanket, playing Jenga at the dining room table by candlelight…it’s lovely. Something we need to do more. The TV hasn’t been on all day – hurray – I had better be careful…I may get used to this! ❄️

Anyway, before I sign off, a quick reminder for you:

Let’s be happy people together, shall we? Be sure to stop by if you’re in my area – the hot water will be boiling outside on the propane burner, coffee will be on, and we are ready for some new opponents in Jenga!