I Will Remember You

How do you want to be remembered? As a good friend/spouse/child? Good at your job? Tons of fun to be around?

I was asked to prepare a document outlining who would do my job duties if I was incapacitated. Once I got past the morbidity of the whole thing, I realized I was sitting down to craft my work will – everybody laughed when I called it that, but the term fits. It felt weird detailing who would take over for me if I wasn’t there, and what steps I had put in place to ensure a seamless transition. In times like the ones we are living in now, we never really know when things will turn and we won’t be at work the next day – so I guess it’s good for companies to put plans like this in place. However morbid it may feel.

I started thinking about the rest of my life – and, while I’ve got a real will in place for the big stuff already, I have NOT taken care of a lot of the small planning. For example, I need to line someone up to clear my browser history and handle my social media stuff. I also need someone to come and burn the box of notebooks I’ve got in my closet – my daughter DEFINITELY doesn’t need to work her way through that pile of way too much information!!! It’s those little things that I think about, the things that I’ve guarded and kept to myself – things that don’t need to become common knowledge upon my demise! Mind you, I guess if I’m dead, will it really matter? Hmm….

How do you want to be remembered? I will remember you fondly, I promise! ✨♥️🌟