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I am a BIG lover of the Bullet Journal concept – I’ve been doing this for about four years now, and I feel that it has helped my organization immeasurably. I like having everything all in one place, and I like the visual system that the Bullet Journal model provides. However, I need to do a better job of utilizing some of the long-range planning features of the model — which will be a goal of my upcoming school year, methinks.

Check out this webpage for some insanely creative and beautiful ideas for your Bullet Journal:

These Inspiring Minimalist Bullet Journals Will Brighten Up Your Monday, Stat by Lindsay Kellner, mbg Sr. Wellness EditorJuly 10, 2017 5:17 AM

Another week, another Monday, midsummer at that (for those of us in the States, anyway)! For many of us, Monday Blues are even more palpable in the summer. After a weekend of sun-soaked fun, it takes every last ounce of willpower to rise early and go into the office, peeling ourselves away from the warmth and sunshine. Even the best of us need a little inspiration to keep it going.

After being seriously inspired by our bullet journal how-to video from this spring, it’s safe to say that minimalist bullet journals have become a new obsession.

We pulled the best wellness-forward journals, focusing on technique, goal tracking, and of course a minimalism vibe to give you some ideas on how to tackle all your projects, from the big-picture visionary stuff to the day-to-day to-do lists:

1. A monthly dashboard.


Photo Credit: @journalspiration

One way to manage your life big-picture—is it time to check back in on those resolutions?—is to create a monthly dashboard. This way, you can carve out some time monthly and make weekly goals based on how your larger goals are changing each month. “Goals” are what you’d love to do, and “Important” is what you have to do or need to remember.

2. A wellness or yoga tracker.


Photo Credit: @journalspiration

If you’re trying to start a new habit, it takes a renewed commitment every day. Having a tracker that visually shows your progress is like the gold star method, version 2.0.

3. A to-do list and thought container. Photo Credit: @thegiverwrites

If you watched our video, you already know how to create a basic bullet journal to-do list. On the opposite page, create a catchall for the thoughts you have throughout the day, especially if you’re juggling more than one project. Chances are that productive thoughts pop up about Project B while you’re still working on Project A. Plop them here so you don’t forget and can keep chugging along without stopping to deliberate.

4. A series of daily goals.


Photo Credit: @productiveandfree

If your monthly vision is set in your mind, write down a series of daily goals to get you at least one step closer by the end of the month. Even if the daily goals are super small, like “spend five minutes reading about personal finance,” every little bit counts! Consistency wins, always.

5. A running weekly to-do list. Photo Credit: @journalspiration

Pictured on the right-hand side, this running to-do list of things needed daily that come to mind and can be written in as you think of them. This is helpful if you’re extremely busy, if your days and weeks look different, and/or if you’re a “list person” who just needs a place to keep track of it all.

6. A food diary.


Photo Credit: @daintilynoted

This bullet journaler has been trying to get into shape, starting with diet and a daily goal of walking 10,000 steps. Making it beautiful provides even more motivation to get those steps in!

7. A daily log…or work of art.

Photo Credit: @feebujo

All right, we know—not everyone is going to have this kind of skill. But we like the idea of adding a little something extra to our daily lists; whether they’re purely decorative or a functional reminder of the “end goal,” a little beauty goes a long way.

8. A list of happy news from around the world.

Photo Credit: @kacplanner

This one is seriously fantastic. With all of the hardship in our personal, professional, and global lives, it’s too easy to lose sight of our progress. “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times,” is a great reminder. Aren’t these gorgeous???! I know! I don’t have anywhere near the artistic skills that are needed to pull off something like this, but my mind has been whirling (more like creaking along some days!), trying to figure out how I can adapt these ideas and make them work for me. That Happy News idea is friggin’ brilliant, eh? Wow. Love it. 🙂

Happy Hump Day, mes amis. – hope your day is off to a great start! 🙂