Good Things

Here Comes the Sun

Good morning, friends – we haven’t caught up in awhile…Happy New Year! Hope your 2022 is exactly what you want it to be – back in the day, we all would’ve had massive resolutions and promises of change for the new year, but after the past couple of years, I think we’ve all really been through it, so expecting grand transformation seems like it’s just too much. Putting on pants some days now is just too much, amIright? Whatever you’re doing to be your best you, JUST DO IT. I wish good things for you. ✨

I didn’t set any resolutions this year, because I’m only going to break them anyway because I’m human, so…why bother? Instead, I’ve set some goals for myself: I will read a minimum of 60 books this year (13 days in and four books are already done – woot! woot!); I will do some yoga at least three times a week (I hurt my back before the holidays so was hindered from starting this, but I’m finally walking properly – and not like I shit my pants – so it’s go time for this one!); I will write more; and I will make my family and myself – and our lives/happiness/joy my TOP priority. Work can wait, everyone outside of our love bubble can wait – we.come.first. ALWAYS. I predict this attitudinal change will make a huge difference in our year. Stay tuned! 🙌

My last goal for the year is to learn a bunch of new things. I’ve not put a number on it, but I am going to learn some stuff. Yesterday, I learned how to make a whiteboard animation video – I love those! It was fun to learn and im excited to learn more – I will make one to share here soon. Prepare to be dazzled! (Okay, maybe dazzled is a strong word, but…let’s go with it, shall we?)

I hope your 2022 is off to a great start – I can’t wait for us to catch up and spend some more time together. Sending you buckets of love and hugs! ✨