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The world is a-buzz this week following Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, and the difference between the media coverage on this side of the pond and in the UK is shocking. I didn’t watch the show on Sunday night, but caught up last evening…watched the whole thing. This morning, I made a point to go online and read the UK newspapers to see what they had to say – I wish I hadn’t. As per usual, the British media is denying everything, blaming Harry and Meghan for all of their problems, the poor royal family this, poor royal family that….it’s bullshit. Complete and total bullshit – and I can’t believe it. But why am I surprised?

The British media has always been the most vicious and vile I’ve ever seen, which is such a strange contrast to the general politeness of the country. When I lived there, I was constantly shocked at the way the media vilified its celebrities (and regular folks, too)….built them up to staggering heights just to tear them down and watch them fall. What a pathetic commentary on a society, don’t you think? Shouldn’t we as a collective be focused on building people up and KEEPING THEM THERE?

I’ve always had a strange fascination with the royal family – growing up in a Commonwealth country, the royals have always been on the periphery of my experience. I got up early to watch Charles and Diana get married when I was a kid, I’ve watched all of the royal weddings that were televised since. I visited many of the royal properties on trips to the UK, attended Trooping the Colour, participated in Jubilee parades, visited the Diana memorial at the gates of Kensington…all of it. The thing that I got out of the royal family was the idea of ‘family’ – despite the many strange goings on and the pomp and ceremony of it all, I wanted to believe that they were, indeed, a family…they cared for each other, they looked out for each other, they had each other’s backs – something I, a person with a fractured family, craved. Then I watched the nightmare treatment that Diana endured (likely because she dazzled far more brightly than Charles ever would) and found my opinion changing – and now, with the way Meghan has been treated? Done. I always hoped that the monarchy would last and continue to grow and evolve, but if people within “The Firm” are up to such shady shit, denying someone access to mental health treatment and worrying about the skin color of a baby that will be born into the family? Well, fuck them – they need to sort themselves out.

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My one other takeaway from the interview was this: three cheers for Harry for taking a stand against his family (and institution) and standing up for his wife. That’s what a real man would do, and clearly Harry is a real man. I can relate to this somewhat: earlier in my life, my daughter’s father allowed his family to be racist AF towards me, he stood back and allowed them to hate on me repeatedly, call me terrible names and mock me constantly…he stood silently while his own mother tried to push me down the stairs when she heard that I was pregnant with her first (and only) grandchild – he did NOTHING. This situation was largely responsible for our divorce, and for my daughter never growing up with an intact family…because her father was a spineless coward, and his family was cruel. I can only hope that her dad has grown a backbone somewhere along the way and will do better for his new wife and her children – I would hate to see anyone else subjected to the abuse I had to endure.

Anyway – enough of that sad walk down miserable memory lane! Three cheers for Harry, Meghan, Archie and Baby Girl to Be! I wish their family all the happiness in the world…may they finally find the peace they so richly deserve.