That Kinda Girl

With all of the excitement here in Texas this week, I didn’t get to chat with you about Random Acts of Kindness day, which was Wednesday. Yes, this is a real thing – and, if I had my way, we would celebrate this every single day (I’m wearing a t-shirt today that says “It’s a Be Kind Kinda Day”, so what do you expect?!?)…there’s no time like now to embrace this philosophy and approach, for realz. People these days move too quickly, losing focus on the people around them. The days of doing for your neighbor are sadly gone in most places…and it breaks my heart. I’m from a small town where most everyone would give you the shirt off their back, and I’ve come to expect that kind of treatment everywhere – and it doesn’t exist so much anymore. That’s why, when I do see it in action these days, it’s pretty friggin’ special. ♥️

This week, Texan Beto O’Rourke ran a phone bank of volunteers, working alongside them to call elderly Texans to check on them during the unprecedented power outages – and helping people access resources, supplies, and help. Let me remind you that Beto didn’t win the Texas senate race he ran a few years back because idiots in this state voted for walking piece of shit Ted Cruz. Speaking of him, guess how he’s helped out with the hardships in the state? He flew to Cancun. Thanks a lot. Jesus.

I normally try to stay away from being overly political on here because I want to focus on good things, and frankly there’s not much to focus on that’s particularly good within the world of government…but this situation seems to have pushed me over the edge this week. I’ve been colder than I’ve ever been – and I’m from Canada. WTF. Someone tried to defend Ted Cruz to me today by asking what he himself could do to help – and holy shit did I have an answer: he could be advocating on behalf of the residents of his state, he could be accessing resources and sharing those out where they’re needed. He could be volunteering his time to help others. He could be doing just about anything – he didn’t have to fly to Cancun. He disgusts me….and the voters had damn well remember this bullshit when he’s up for his next reelection.

I’ve often heard that you’re supposed to dress for the job you want to have – and, if that’s the case, Beto must be planning to run for saint sometime soon. He’s a private citizen who repeatedly steps up to the plate to help the people of Texas. What a man. We should be so lucky that he would want to run and represent us once again. ♥️

This was me this week.

Anyone in the San Antonio area needing warmth, a hot shower, some food – hit me up. We have those things going on right now – and we are happy to share. Let me know if you need help – I’m here for you. ♥️