Good Things


I’ve got a love of small tattoos, I now have fourteen of them dotted here and there on my body – each one tells a story of something that matters to me, or a moment in time. I love them. ♥️

I added three this past weekend, including this one to the inside of my left forearm:

Do you recognize it? It’s Vincent Van Gogh’s signature – and I LOVE it! My daughter expressed a bit of concern and asked me why I had chosen to put his signature on me – here was my answer:

-First off, Vincent is my very favorite artist of all time, and his work speaks to my soul. Simple as that.

-Second, Vincent’s work is representative of the Impressionist era – one of the hallmarks of this art is that when you look at the paintings too closely, you will notice imperfections and flaws, but when you see it from a distance, it looks beautiful….people are kind of like that. (Remind You of “Clueless” a bit?) Anyway – I don’t believe that we need to go looking at people so closely, seeking their flaws…why? What’s the point? Accept people as they are!!! Accept that they may have flaws (we all do), but they aren’t their flaws….choose to see the good, the beauty in them. ✨ I want people to see the good in me.

-Next, Vincent never knew success during his life, yet never stopped creating. During his short time painting, he approached his work with passion and devotion, despite the fact that he wasn’t achieving success and receiving accolades…he kept on. For the love of his art. For his belief in what he was doing. He painted because he HAD to in order to feel alive. There’s a lesson to be learned here: find what you HAVE to do, the thing(s) that make you feel magical – and DO THEM. Even if nobody else notices – do them anyway. Even if you never receive praise – keep doing it. I find that devotion to one’s craft to be so beautiful and inspiring, don’t you? ✨

-Finally, I’ve struggled with self image my whole life – I’ve never found myself to be terribly attractive, and I’ve always thought that too much of my self-worth was tied up in my appearance. The older I get, the more comfortable I am feeling in my skin, finally feeling at peace (most days) with what is looking back at me from the mirror. There’s nothing wrong with me – I AM a work of art, just as I am. So now I have my favorite artist’s signature on me, too. I love that. ♥️✨♥️

What artists do you love, friends?