Good Things

The Grammys

Did you watch the Grammys last night? I can’t recall enjoying a broadcast of those awards more than I did last night….what a refreshing change, and I hope the organizers keep this format going long after the masks have all been stowed away for good.

Trevor Noah was a great host – kept things moving, kept it funny….he did an awesome job. I liked the format with the performances in one area, many of them one after the other – part of the fun was watching performers enjoy each other. Awesome! Here were some of my highlights from last night:

Great, eh? I know!! It was a joyful celebration of music, the way it should always be – here’s hoping they learn from last night and keep this going!!

Behold one of my FAVORITE Grammy performances of all time – this song kills me, but this performance of it is sublime. When Mary just unleashes? Sweet Jesus. I can hardly breathe….

Enjoy your day, my darling friends!