Drunken Sailor

Growing up in Canada, the daughter of a Scotsman, I found myself endlessly attracted to sea shanties, calling them the ‘music of my people’. When maritime Canada group Great Big Sea hit it big, I was overjoyed and couldn’t stop my arse from jigging every time I heard their tunes….I still can’t. Imagine my delight when TikTok (of all places) decided to make sea shanties the hottest thing – who knew? Check these out:

Why are sea shanties big right now? Besides the fact that they are beyond awesome, they’re helping folks to feel connected: ‘Behind this phenomenon, though, is the need to connect with each other in difficult times. For many, the pandemic has exposed a curious relationship with our past, and a significant disconnect with generations-old skills and knowledge around survival, the ability to make and to make do.’ Isn’t that great?

I don’t have TikTok (I’m not that cool), but I have a friend that sends me videos by a Scottish singer @natidreddd…I am CRAZY for her:

She could sing the phone book and I would think it was the greatest thing I had ever heard. LOVE her!

Where are you on the whole sea shanty thing? Send me your favorites – we can jig together! ✨