Good Things

Feeling Good

I am obsessed with watching Ted Talks, and I should probably be ashamed of all the hours that I spend researching them, watching them, and trying to put the strategies that they suggest into practice in my life, but…I’m totally not. I friggin’ LOVE them, and find them endlessly inspiring. I saw this one recently – it’s Ashley Stahl, talking about three questions that will help you unlock your authentic career….and it kind of rocked my world. Here’s the video:

  It’s a great video, and I think that the three questions really are excellent – here they are: What am I good at? What do other people think I’m good at? What’s holding me back?  I love this…and I think we ought to answer them together. Let’s go! πŸ™‚


First – what am I good at? Hmmm….probably not a whole lot, sadly. I’m a person who is okay at a few things, but there is not one thing that I would consider myself expert at. I think I’m good with children, and I’m okay at writing. I’m good at planning events, and I’m a great reader. I’m a very good traveler, and I adapt well to other cultures and customs. I’m a good cook (I think), a great shopper, I’m okay at fashion, and I hope that I’m a decent mama. I think that’s probably a very optimistic list – I’m probably not as good as this paragraph makes me sound! πŸ˜‰

Now…on to the second question: what do other people think I’m good at? I don’t have a hot clue. I don’t seem to hear a whole lot of praise in my life – which kind of sucks, because who doesn’t love praise? However, I choose to believe that as long as I don’t hear complaints and bitching, then I must be doing okay at things. I have posed the question to some people who know me – this is what they think I’m good at: music (I wish!), writing (you guys are so sweet – love πŸ™‚ ), giving direction (which is code for being a bossy boots – but…I’ll take it, it’s the truth), problem solving (I’m flattered by that one – thank you!), and planning/organizing. I love this list – I think it’s cool that people think that I have these skills – yaa! Thanks, guys!! πŸ™‚


Finally….it’s no mystery what is holding me back from trying different career paths: money. A lot of the things that I would like to pursue don’t come with big salaries, and sadly, at this point in my life, I need as high of a guaranteed salary as I can possibly manage. I’m a single mother, I’ve got student loan debt, and I’ve got a lot of financial responsibilities. I can’t afford to follow every whim and fancy, hoping that some day my ship will come in. Today is that day – and I need that damn ship in the harbor NOW. However, I think that I need to become better at time management, and work on pursuing other interests and try to make them into potential careers/sources of income during my off time – kind of like a second job (which I may very well need to get before long). I think that I need to make a calendar, and set targets of things that I want to pursue – once I set a date for them, the deadline will be the impetus that I need to get my arse in gear. I’m not getting any younger…I need to get going on things. The time is now. What do you think you’re good at? I’d love to hear – hit me up and let’s talk about this! πŸ™‚